College mission

Providing high-quality educational services, providing professional labor market personnel in the context of modernizing the economy and modernizing the content of the educational process. The main goal is “Introduction of information and communication technologies based on system modeling of college educational trajectories”.

Main tasks:

  1. Continue training new formation specialists who can serve in market conditions. The development of continuing professional education.Improving the quality of education by improving curricula and introducing general educational standards.3.Training of specialists fluent in the state language.Improving the professionalism of teachers and their responsibility for the training of specialists.5.The development of new educational technologies, the formation of a real creative atmosphere in the team, a high level of professionalism and adherence to the principles. Identification of new standard curricula and a unified methodological topic — educational and planning documents — comprehensive methodological support of specialties and disciplines — the main form of the educational process — the lesson and teaching methods; 7. To continue the informatization of the education sphere, to develop the self-realization of students in the formation of professional competence. To pay attention to the spiritual development of students, the formation of skills to respect state symbols, respect for moral values, patriotism, and national pride. 9. Formation of a healthy lifestyle, education in extracurricular activities, sports sections of morality and will, moral qualities.10. Improving the organization and conduct of production trainings and practices that are the basis of the profession, constant cooperation with social partners and employers, the introduction of new technologies in the educational process. Dissemination of experience of leading enterprises.Strengthening the material and technical base of classrooms and laboratories to improve the quality of education.12.To continue the work on increasing the responsibility of the teaching staff and students for the safety of the college property, compliance with the rules of residence of the hostel.

Name of company:

SOE «Atyrau Agrarian Technical College»


Index: 060000, Atyrau, st.Baimukhanova, 45b, telephone — fax: 8-7122- 36-38-10