The hearitage of Abai – hearitage of nation

         For the 175th anniversary of a great figure of Kazakh literature, a cultural reformer, a great poet Abai Kunanbaev , a teacher of the Kazakh language and literature in the Atyrau Agrarian and Technical School named  after  O. Koshekov with the aim  of  promoting the  poet’s  wisdom  and  spiritual  heritage.A.Nugmarov the leader of the circle, the ancestor of the governing council of ‘’Babalar uni’’ ,  held a special meeting.       The guests of this meeting were B.Taubaev, S.Sapanov, K.Gabdolov , M.Ermukhanov  took part in the event.The  student  from 1 vet 1, a student from Salahiden  Zeinelsayat recited  the  6th  word  from the  ‘’The Book  of Words ‘’ by heart . Students  of  the  1zhdu 1 class  of  the groop Shamardan Kasym sang the song  ‘’My dear place is black earth,if not?’’, Sagynysh  sang  the  song  ‘’Light moon at  night’’ . After the event, Mister Hamza gave his blessing the participants.