Meeting with the poet — author of the text of the song «Men Kazazpyn», famous TV journalist Nurzhan Tolendiuly Omirbaev

    On February 10, at the Atyrau Agrarian Technical College named after U. Kushekov, according to the plan of the decade on the topic: “Self-knowledge: pedagogy of love and creativity”, teachers of the linguistic disciplines held a meeting with the poet, famous TV journalist Nurzhan Tolendiuly Omirbaev, who is the author of the song “ Men қazaқpyn. «

     The poetry of  the Kazakh akyns, high and strong, is sometimes compared with a sharp blade. Among such bright and talented poets is our guest — winner of many aitys, an experienced TV presenter Nurzhan Omirbayev.

     The event was opened by the Deputy Director for educational work of Kabdolov K. T. during the evening, Nurzhan-akyn told about his childhood and youth, about the beginning of participation in aitys, as well as about the history of writing the poem «Men kazakpyn».  The poet conquered teachers and students with his colorful thoughts and words that brought pearls of wisdom to the audience. Inspired by the special warm atmosphere of the meeting, the result of a relaxed dialogue between the poet and his readers, Nurzhan-akyn presented his poems to the audience.

Meeting with the author of the lyrics of the song «Men kazakpyn», which won the hearts of people in the performance of Kuandyk Rakhym, contributed to the development of a sense of love for the Motherland and patriotism among students, awareness of the spirit and wisdom of our people. At the end of the evening, students together with the poet sang the song «Men kazakpyn».