Way of Leader

«The Way of the Leader» In the Atyrau Agricultural and Technical College named after OnaybayKoshekov, the events dedicated to the Day of the President of Kazakhstan were marked by the nationwide discourse, «Loved, Loving President».  During the event, the participants were shown documentary films «The Power of Change», «Patriot of Kazakhstan» and student teams «Independent Kazakhstan», «Nursultan».  Dauletkaziev E.G a member of the Nur Otan Party veteran, pensioner Esaliev S.K member of the Bureau of Zhalyn Bureau Kabdolov K.T a member of the AOF «People’s Communist Party of Kazakhstan», participated in various historical and educational events dedicated to the bright talents of the President,  Iskalieva A.S executive secretary of this organization, and the students were impressed by the great impetus of the Head of the state, the immense impetus to the country’s independence.  For the qualitative presentation of this event were readers of «History» Nurmukhanova V.V and Kabylova Sh.Zh.  especially in the region.