«School of Intelligece»

At the Atyrau Agrarian and Technical College named after O. Kushkova, many cultural and intellectual events are being organized in the framework of the «Year of Youth», as well as providing quality education and conscious education to students as future professionals, contemporary problems of the modern world, corruption prevention.  One of the best of these activities is the 27th of November, 2019, the College of Intelligence, which unites active students in the college to prevent corruption and prevent corruption in students’ minds.  Members of the School of Discipline form a complex of work on students’ corrupt practice of corrupt practices, and the formation of consciousness.  In addition, our college has hosted a pre-emptive «Paralyzed Session» campaign, designed specifically for «Reliability» and «Removal of Abuse», «No Corruption», and «Stop corruption » in three languages systematic training in daily educational process.  The main objective is to educate young people who are honestly serving their country and to teach them how to survive today without corruption.  The main focus is on combating corruption and bringing up a conscious generation to prevent it.