«100 best scientific projects of the year»

On October 26, in our capital at Nur-Sultan  the Republican contest «100 best scientific projects of the year» was organized by the Committee of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the National Innovation Research Center «Bilim órkenieti».  The purpose of the contest was to identify the talented students and qualified teachers of the Republic.  The competition consisted of two stages.  The competition was attended by pupils and teachers from many educational institutions of the country.  As our sciences say «Science is deeply rooted in human consciousness through the establishment of special moods».

 Nugmarova Aiganym Kuresovna, a teacher of the Kazakh language and literature at the Atyrau Agrarian and Technical College named after O. Kushekov and student of the 2pg1 group Adilkhan Yenglik successfully completed the first stage of their research projects  In the second stage, it was very well protected.

  Adilkhan Yenglik

  Awarded with a «Best Scientific Project of the Year» of the 1rd degree, a colorful collection and a badge of «The Author of Best project of the year», and 3rd place from project presentation protection.

 Nugmarova AK

  Awarded with the «One of the 100 best scientific projects of the year» award and the Medal of «Best Teacher of the Year» .  In conclusion, the organizers thanked the talented youth and teachers.