«Kazakhstan — a place of kindness»

On May 30, on the eve of the Day of Unity of  People of Kazakhstan, on April 30, students of club «Dostyk-Druzhba» of Atyrau agrarian-technical college named after O. Kushekov, under the direction of teacher of history and social sciences Alikhanova Raikhan Erhanovna together with city library № 5, hosted a cognitive-informative event.

Purpose: To establish friendly relations between students, to teach students to respect each other, to help them to appreciate, to promote friendly relations among different nationalities, to enhance their love for the Motherland with patriotic spirit. The introduction of the city library staff №5 Kuanysheva Rauan Utkelbaevna presented a report on the theme "May 1 Day of Unity of the People of the Republic of Kazakhstan". An excerpt from the film "Zheruyik" shot by the Kazakh film studio. Students showed great interest and asked various questions. 

The event was hosted by Dostyk — Druzhba, a student of the group «Friendship — Druzhba» and   1 st course student Elena Kartushova.  In the main section  Veruskina Kristina, Samarsheva Stanislav, Ni Karina, Abulkhairov Adilzhan, Tlepkaliev Medet, Ulianova Evgeniya read poems about  friendship, unity and solidarity in Russian, Kazakh, Korean and Ukrainian languages and clarified the events. Representatives of other nationalities good at  saying proverbs  in Kazakh language. They also answered quiz questions about the history of the Republic of  Kazakhstan.

By the end of the event, students hold each other’s hands and made a circle: «Together, one family!». Also, the head of the club «Dostyk-Druzhba», the teacher of history and social science R. Alikhanova and the head of the City Library № 5 Mayeva Gulbarshyn Zhadenovna told the students about the historical significance of May 1 holiday and expressed their warm feelings.

“Friendship- Druzhba” 
international  student club